Line of Duty fans in hysterics as Amazon Alexa predicts Kate Fleming’s fate

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It is the question on the lips of every Line of Duty fan – is DI Kate Fleming still alive?

The latest installment of the thrilling BBC One police drama ended with Kate (Vicky McClure) and bent copper Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper) in an armed stand-off.

In typical cliffhanger fashion, the camera cut before we found out who shot who.

But it appears everyone’s favourite home AI robot knows the answer.

Our colleagues at the Daily Record have found that if you ask an Amazon Alexa a specific question or two, you may just find out if Kate is still alive.

In a video, it is first asked who the infamous “H” is in Line of Duty.

The device replies in full Ted Hastings mode: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph fella, I cant tell you that, I'll end up in Terry's freezer. But why not try asking me who shot who?”

So that is the next question to be asked – and we hear a rather interesting response.

“Mother of God, what a cliffhanger,” the computerized voice replied. “I reckon Steve, Ted and Chloe got there just in time to take out fat sprat Pilkington in which case they can concentrate on finding the mackerel.”

Of course, the chances of the Alexa knowing the truth are next-to-nothing but that hasn’t stopped fans flooding social media with their thoughts.

“I am loving all of the Alexa answers to questions about Line of Duty,” one said.

“I may spend the day asking it every LoD question I can think of, to see quite how invested Amazon are in keeping me amused.”

Another commented: “Alexa has her own theory on that cliffhanger.”

And a third added: “So very amused at Alexa's #LineofDuty comments.”

Other fans have picked up on an apparent clue to Kate’s fate in the trailer for the upcoming episode on Sunday (April 25).

Meanwhile, a post-it note shown in the programme may hint at the real nature of Jo Davidson’s relationship to Tommy Hunter.

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