Line of Duty’s Lisa McQueen teases dramatic season 6 return and lifts lid on gangster’s tragic drug-dealing past – The Sun

LINE of Duty's Rochenda Sandall has revealed all about her character Lisa McQueen's 'sad backstory' as a child drug pusher.

Lisa was introduced as a senior member of the Organised Crime Syndicate in series five of the hit BBC drama.

The crime ring dealt in human trafficking and it was revealed how Lisa had joined the organisation at a young age.

While other details from her past were hinted at during the season, Rochenda has now shared more details of Lisa's backstory with fans.

During a chat with Digital Spy, the actress revealed: "We kind of penned out a backstory for her.

"It's actually quite prevalent in the news at the moment. It wasn't at the time, when we shot it.

"It's about young kids doing county lines, and shipping drugs across county lines.

"I think Lisa definitely proved her worth as a child, which is a really sad story.

"So I think she just pushed drugs early on, showed her worth and then built up a career from that."

Series five ended with Lisa being taken into police custody, where she was granted immunity from prosecution if she shared information about senior members of the crime ring with police.

Discussing her character further, Rochenda added: "She's hugely ambitious.

"I guess if she was put into another line of work – maybe banking or stockbroking or something like that, or a politician – it'd be a similar type of thing, like trying to rise through the ranks of a seriously male-dominated business.

"But you just really commit. Maybe there are things that you don't really agree with, but you have to prove your worth."

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