Little People's Matt Roloff shows off new log cabin he built himself after kicking ex-wife Amy off family farm

LITTLE People, Big World star Matt Roloff has been hard at work on various constructions on his farm for months, and he just finished a new log cabin.

The new building arrives after the 59-year-old kicked his ex-wife Amy off the property after nearly 30 years there.

Amy, 56, lives there for years after her and Matt’s 2016 divorce, but he finally bought her out of her share of the farm and she moved out last February.

Now that hey’ve both moved on, he with Caryn Chandler and her with fiancé Chris Marek, Matt is giving the Roloff property a major refresh with new homes and amenities.

On Thursday, Matt revealed he completed a log cabin of his very own, on his very own.

The LPBW star stood in front of the establishment, while holding a large axe, and stared directly into the camera, looking proud of his accomplishment.

The wooden home has one window next to the front door, as well as one on the side, and a small front porch with a tiny bench and a overhang covering.

Matt captioned the photo: “I reveal to You all …. Grandpa’s Cabin.. Estb. 2021. Built by Matt Roloff.” 

He added a few hashtags, sharing that he’s “super happy with this structure [and] loves it when a new vision comes to life.”

He continued: “Grandkids, goods times ahead. Best is yet to come.”

Matt and his ex Amy share four kids – Zach, 30, Jeremy, 30, Molly, 27, and Jacob, 24.

They also have four grandkids, as Zach has two children with his wife Tori, and Jeremy has two with his wife Audrey.

Aside from the log cabin, Matt’s also been working hard on building a new home for he and his girlfriend Caryn to live in together, as she doesn’t want to live in the same house he shared with his ex-wife.

The 53-year-old was Matt's personal assistant for many years prior to them getting together, and she refuses to live on the farm until the new home is complete because she doesn’t want to be reminded of Amy.

While waiting for the new place to be finished, Caryn purchased a new house in Oregon after putting her old one up for sale.

The nearly 1,500 square-foot home boasts three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. 

A source revealed: "Caryn and Matt have been through a lot since his divorce from Amy.

"She would love to live on the farm but has made it clear she does not want to live in Amy's old house and wants Matt to finish their dream home.

The insider added: "Caryn wants a fresh start and doesn't want to fill Amy's shoes by being in the house they shared together.

"She has recently moved into another small house and is happy where she is for now, but hopes they can live together on the farm in the future."

Last month, Matt offered fans an update on the construction, with a photo of him inside his “war room” with a blue face mask on and a model of the house sitting on the desk in front of him.

Matt captioned the in-progress shot: “Working in my ‘war room’ trying to figure out the grading plan around the new house plan for @carynchandler1 and me. 

“It’s complex… But a fun puzzle to solve.”

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