'Love Island': Connor and Mackenzie Give Their Romance Another Shot

It was business as usual on Monday’s episode of Love Island, following Noah’s sudden exit from the show. The episode kicked off with the cliffhanger recoupling starting on Sunday’s episode — which led to a reunion for one couple. 

Connor and Benny were dumped from the villa, but that didn’t mean both their chances for love were over. 

“Coming to Love Island, I can honestly say that I was looking for love and to find that connection with someone. And leaving here now, I can proudly say I did find that with Mackenzie,” Connor said after packing his bags. 

“I felt like this was my time and not having her in there was difficult. And I am very excited that now I have the opportunity to see if that’s a possibility to move forward,” he added. 

So, Connor FaceTimed the recently-eliminated Mackenzie, who was very on board with exploring their relationship in the real world — making Connor the “happiest man alive.” 

Connor and Mackenzie calling each other to reunite was the cutest thing ever #LoveIsland  #LoveIslandUSA  pic.twitter.com/1mjGnuIg7i

Connor really called Mackenzie before he even left the villa. #LoveIsland#loveislandusapic.twitter.com/yiEJGE50oc

Mackenzie has Connor wrapped around her finger. Whatever went down in the hideaway got that man on lock ? #LoveIslandUSApic.twitter.com/1E3f9e3vqX

Once the recoupling was out of the way, the remaining castmembers focused on their relationships. Cely and Johnny admitted they were falling for each other, Caleb and Justine had serious conversations about the real world, and Moira… eventually made a move for Bennett. 

I can’t even clown moira for being awkward around bennett because i can’t flirt for shit #LoveIslandUSApic.twitter.com/VAyK0r2uUP

Moira is literally HILARIOUS. Just randomly, “I’m interested in Bennett” #LoveIslandUSApic.twitter.com/ewIfc3QmSt

NOW MOIRA WANTS BENNETT!! leave KIERSTAN’S MEN ALONEEE #loveislandusapic.twitter.com/uoPETJl3jy

Then Love Island turned up the heat, as the girls and boys were tasked with a pole dancing challenge. Johnny and Cely got about as X-rated as is allowed on broadcast TV, though two new girls may throw a wrench in things. 

Johnny oiled himself more than Caleb &….I'm not gon' lie.

WHOOOO BOY!!#LoveIsland#LoveIslandUSApic.twitter.com/f09ldJLfK9

Johnny just proving how he's not loyal by the way he was basically drooling over Julia you can clearly see it & the look on Cely's face tells it all this is gonna get good!!! ???? @loveislandusa#LoveIslandUSA

Love Island airs nightly on CBS. To watch interviews with other recently eliminated islanders, see ET’s interview below.

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