Magical Edinburgh flat on sale for £315k is every Potterhead's dream home

Edinburgh is the city where JK Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter books, and fans can visit the spots where the fantasy first came to life on the page.

One lucky person could also become the owner of a Potter-themed home, as a magical flat inspired by the series has been put on sale.

Priced at £315,000, the two-bedroom apartment is located in the Canongate area of the Scottish capital, just off the Royal Mile.

From the outside it looks like a normal building, but step inside and you’ll see why it’s captured the hearts of Potterheads.

The master bedroom has been decked out to look like the Gryffindor dorm, complete with a four poster bed and images of candles on the ceiling that look like they’re floating.

The decor in the second bedroom was inspired by the carriages on the Hogwarts express steam train, while the living room is a nod to the Gryffindor common room at the school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Portrait and bookshelf wallpaper have been used throughout the property to give it an antique feel, alongside faux exposed brickwork and ornate decor pieces that mirror the books’ historic settings.

Even the kitchen has had a spell cast on it, featuring a mural of Dumbledore, dragons, and the infamous Whomping Willow tree across the walls.

Throughout the flat there are a number of references to the bestselling stories.

One room boasts a model of Harry’s owl Hedwig, another has a fake deer bust hung up that looks like the character’s patronus, and it’s generally chock-full of enchanted curiosities.

Decorated by superfan and artist Hue Gao and sold through agent Aberdein Considine, the property’s listing reads: ‘This magical, rare and unique third floor flat is sure to leave you spellbound.

‘Beautifully upgraded and decorated by a renowned interior designer, this property’s magical theme is truly bewitching.

‘The attention to detail of this stunning home will only be fully appreciated upon internal inspection and the property is ideally to be sold fully furnished and as seen.’

It’s already piqued the interest of the Potter fandom. When agents posted teaser images of the property earlier this month, one person commented: ‘Found our next home. Wonder if there’s a cupboard under the stairs for the wee boy?’

‘Accio magical apartment,’ said another. ‘I need this in my life.’

The average price for flats in this city centre location, according to Zoopla, is £276,142. Standout properties, however, have sold for upwards of half a million.

We imagine the unique qualities of this place will spark something of a bidding war, so get your incantations and potions ready if you’ve got your heart set on it.

It was every child’s dream to get a letter inviting them to Hogwarts, but in lieu of that we’ll settle for a home that looks just like it.

See the listing and enquire about the property here.

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