Masked Singer fans ‘figure out’ who Robin is and it’s ‘not JLS’ Aston Merrygold’

Eager fans of The Masked Singer UK claim they have figured out who the celeb is under the Robin costume – conflicting with previous rumours.

Despite several predictions it could be JLS singer Aston Merrygold, others now believe it's wrong.

Clues seem to point to the star, including the fact he started his career impersonating people, and a link to the band's album Outta This World.

But now, viewers think another celebrity also matches some of the clues revealed in the latest episode of the hit show.

Aston isn't the only person who impersonated iconic Michael Jackson as a youngster, writes The Mirror.

There is also the clue about being from an exotic place.

Fans debated the celeb on Twitter, suggesting it had to be Peter Andre who was under the bird costume.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker grew up in Australia but was born in the UK.

Eagle-eyed viewers began sharing their theories on social media, stating Peter could be on the show and not the JLS singer.

One fan wrote: "Peter Andre used to do impressions of Michael Jackson."

Another tweeted: "Robin is Peter Andre."

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A third said: "Robin has clues to football but there’s a definite twang of Peter Andre in there."

While others agreed he was on the show they thought me might actually be a different character altogether.

As predictions swirled over who was Badger, some asked if Peter was actually behind the mask.

They think there are links to Australia with this character and Peter starred in I'm A Celebrity back in 2004.

Others say the biggest clue is the leather biker jacket which Peter often wore on stage when performing.

A final clue was regarding the Aladdin lamp, which some believe is a link to his duet with his ex-wife Kate Price.

Viewers will have to sit tight for more songs and clues ahead of the next huge reveal.

Who do you think is under the Robin and Badger costume? Join the debate in the comments below!

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