Mayim Bialik Stunned by Jim Parson’s Offer to Lead His New Show

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress thought she was ‘very annoying’ so she was shocked when her former co-star reached out to her and asked her to play the lead role in ‘Call Me Kat’.

AceShowbizMayim Bialik was stunned when her “The Big Bang Theory” co-star Jim Parsons offered her the lead in his new show “Call Me Kat” because she was convinced she was “very annoying” to work with.

Parsons produces the comedy series, which is based on the British sitcom “Miranda“, and Bialik initially thought he was simply seeking her creative input on the project when he presented her with the script.

“When Jim brought (the script) to me, I thought he was just asking my opinion because we were friends and we have a lot of similar tastes,” she recalled on the “Watch With Us” podcast. “I was like, ‘That sounds great. I totally think that’s a great idea!’ He was like, ‘No, Mayim. I’m telling you about this because I want you to play her (Kat).’ “

“I was totally shocked that Jim Parsons wanted to still work with me. I think I’m very annoying, but he apparently thinks I’m not as annoying as I think I am, because he wanted to work with me!”

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“Call Me Kat” stars Mayim as a single woman who runs a cat cafe and she relished the opportunity to play a “real woman” on TV.

“I love the opportunity to not be told, like, ‘Can you lose 20 pounds and just be like a better, skinnier version of yourself?’ I like just being myself,” she shared.

“I don’t wear (figure-shaping underwear) Spanx. I’ve never had plastic surgery. I don’t dye my greys, like, this is a show about a woman who I hope other women and men will look at this and say like, ‘Oh, there’s women like that, and they can be funny, can be quirky.’ “

“Also, I get to play a woman who’s, like, occasionally vulgar and socially anxious and awkward, clumsy and fun. A multifaceted woman.”

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