Meghan has a ‘good chance’ of becoming President, says presidential biographer

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Tom Bower appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the likelihood of Meghan Markle becoming US President.

The Presidential biographer believed that the Suits actress was in with a "good chance" when it came to politics.

Hosts Ranvir Singh and Charlotte Hawkins seemed to be a tad taken back by Tom's revelation that the Duchess of Sussex could one day be a world leader.

Tom explained that following the Oprah Winfrey interview "she has a global profile, which is the first step to a political career."

Explaining his rational, Tom said: "She's got money, she's got presence, she's a woman very much looking for a role in the world."

More shockingly, he explained that Meghan to be successful in the pursuit of presidency, she would need to "distance herself from the Royal family."

According to the expert who has written many political biographies, the former Hollywood star is already "building a team" and has many "ambitious people" around her who will take her to where she needs to be.

Charlotte quizzed Meghan's appeal asking Tom who her audience would likely be.

Airing the people who would want to see her in power, he replied: "She's popular with young people and the anti-royals."

In spite of the very convincible and professional interview, GMB viewers were not satisfied that it was legitimate, given it's April Fools day today.

One tweet read: "Switched on the TV and see "Meghan for president" on the screen banner…. I suppose is it #AprilFoolsDay @GMB #GMB."

Another added: "Is it just a coincidence that Meghan for President arises on the 1st April!?#GMB."

A third fumed: "Meghan going to run for president is a ridiculous story but it’s great to see everyone losing their s**t again at the thought of Morgan's new meltdown and not being able to suck up to a president is brilliant #GMB."

While a forth penned: "What a load of absolute drivel. #MeghanMarkle for #POTUS? Sure, it's #AprilFoolsDay but a waste of airtime anyway. #GMB."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV.

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