Nadia Sawalha strips to a crop top to brutally mock Kim Kardashian's fashion line as 'pigeon poo'

NADIA Sawalha exposed her belly in a crop top on Instagram to mock Kim Kardashian's Skims line.

The Loose Women star posted the video of herself in a grey crop top, trousers and long cardigan on Instagram and joked the set was the colour of "pigeon poo".

Using a voiceover Kim, 40, had used in her own video for her 222 million followers, Nadia mouthed along to: "We are now live with our SKIMS cosy collection.

"I wore this to take my kids to school and it was literally a dream.

"This is just how I live my life, super cosy."

Posing in her walk in wardrobe with her phone held high, Nadia seductively played with her top straps and pulled down the shoulder of her grey dressing gown.

She mocked the American reality TV star by calling the SKIMS wear SKIDS wear, choosing to caption the video as: "SKIDS Cozy Pajamas … in pigeon poo shade"

Nadia named her neutral toned set, "pigeon poo" while Kim has given the real loungewear more stylish names such as bone, aqua, rose clay, camel, smoke and onyx.

She also added the funny hashtag: “#STAREATYOURSELFLIKENOONEISWATCHING” or stare at yourself like no one is watching.

The British TV personality has become known for sharing images of her body online with honesty, humour and self-deprecation.

Her references to the Kardashian's hugely popular social media posts are always raw and entertaining.

The British TV star has repeatedly mocked the American reality tv star, as in 2016 she appeared on Loose Women in full contour make-up that over exaggerated her features, a method the Kardashian clan have popularized.

She has also copied many of Kim’s nude poses and posted her copycat versions on her own Instagram. 

In a recent nude image wearing only nude tights she captioned it with: "Me and @kimkardashian twinning again .. SWIPE TO SEE our uncanny resemblance .. the skin tone .. the perfect body … the silken hair .. breathtaking …."

Nadia's hilarious posts may entertain her followers, however, she admitted that her teenage daughters; Maddie, 18, and Kiki, 13, find her revealing posts 'embarrassing'. 

Nadia also posted herself dancing around her bedroom in sexy black underwear mocking Kim’s lingerie line, earlier this year.

The TV personality plans to renew her wedding vows this year in Cornwall and live stream it online just as Kim and Kanye did in 2019.

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