Nicole Kidman's Iconic Horror Movie The Others Is Getting Remade

One of the most surprising horror movies is set to hit the big screen with a new remake.

According to Deadline, the 2001 iconic horror movie The Others is getting a remake thanks to Universal Pictures and Sentient Entertainment. The Alejandro Amenabar-directed thriller featured Nicole Kidman as a mother of two in 1945 who slowly discovers why her quiet life in an idyllic cabin is falling apart — and some intruding "others" are to blame.

There's no indication Kidman will appear in the remake, which is being produced by Sentient’s Renee Tab and Christopher Tuffin alongside Aliwen Entertainment’s Lucas Akoskin.

The Others was a summer hit, making almost $210 million worldwide and is still remembered for its surprise twist ending. It also starred Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston, Elaine Cassidy, Eric Sykes, Alakina Mann and James Bentley.

Kidman has since gone on to a series of iconic roles, including her latest in HBO's Big Little Lies. Speaking with Marie Claire Australia for the magazine's November issue, Kidman said the team behind the popular HBO series is cooking up a potential third season. A new season order has not been officially announced since the sophomore season ended in July 2019.

The show — which follows the deadly drama between a group of moms in Monterey, California — also stars Reese Witherspoon, Zoë Kravitz, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern. It was written by David E. Kelley, based on the 2014 novel by Liane Moriarty.

"Reese and I talk or text once a week. She's just moved back to Nashville and we're really close. We all just want to work together again," said Kidman, 53. "I texted Zoë and Laura, and they're in. David and Liane have a really good idea for it. Watch this space!"

In 2017, Kidman won the Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a limited series or movie for her work as Celeste in BLL's first season. Kidman, who gave a powerful acceptance speech at the time about domestic violence survivors, reflected on the moment in her Marie Claire interview.

"It was right from inside, from the heart, trying to shatter that stigma surrounding domestic violence," she said.

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