Pete Davidson Is Playing Nathan Fillion's 'Miscreant' Half-Brother on The Rookie

Pete Davidson is no stranger to being a rookie — when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, he was the youngest cast member in decades.

Now he’s joining a different crew of rookies, on ABC’s The Rookie. Nathan Fillion recently revealed in an interview that Davidson will guest star on the drama series this season as his character’s half-brother.

“We had him come down and do an episode of The Rookie, he plays my half-brother. My miscreant, ne’er do well half-brother. One’s a cop, one’s a pain in the a– — and now they’re half-brothers. It’s amazing,” Fillion said, while sitting down with SiriusXM’s Jessica Shaw on SiriusXM’s EW Live.

Fillion, 48, and Davidson, 26, met on the set of The Suicide Squad, and both play still-to-be-announced roles, though they appear to share screen time based on set photos.

Up next, Davidson also will debut his own Netflix original comedy special, Alive from New York, on Feb. 25.

Watch the video above for more. Fillion’s full interview will air on EW Live on Friday. The Rookie returns Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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