Piers Morgan is freshfaced in throwback pic with Paul McCartney as he apologises for introducing him to ex Heather Mills

PIERS Morgan apologised to Sir Paul McCartney for introducing him to ex-wife Heather Mills as he shared a fresh-faced throwback snap with fans.

The 55-year-old star wowed his followers with the black and white picture as he congratulated the 78-year-old music icon on reaching number one in the UK and US album chart.

Both men are smiling in the Instagram throwback, with Paul in a patterned shirt and jacket.

Piers is almost unrecognisable in the youthful post, looking uncharacteristic in a casual T-Shirt, with his thick hair styled into messy waves.

He captioned the image: "Congrats to Sir @paulmccartney on achieving his first solo No1 since 1989 on the UK Album chart and the US Billboard Album Sales chart.

"Incredible achievement at the age of 78."

The Good Morning Britain presenter joked about how he'd aged as he continued: This pic was taken not long after his last No1, when we both still had full heads of non-grey hair and before I introduced him to Heather Mills which was probably the worst thing any Beatles fan has ever done to him.

"Sorry (again!) Macca, and well done on the No1."

Piers previously revealed that he'd introduced Heather, now 52, to Paul at a charity event in 1999.

The pair married three years later, but split in 2006 – and what followed was an incredibly acrimonious divorce.

Heather represented herself in court and asked for £125m.

She received £24.3m plus payments of £35,000 a year for costs for their daughter.

Piers previously said of the split: "After their bitter divorce battle, in which Heather tried to single-handedly destroy Paul’s reputation, I issued a public apology to the singer, declaring: ‘I’m sorry Macca for ever introducing you to this little monster.’

"She rang me the next day, screaming abuse down the phone.

"‘Why the f*** are you doing this to me?!!!’

"‘Because you’re behaving appallingly,’ I replied, calmly."

Heather was Paul's second wife, having married Linda McCartney in 1969 before her tragic death from breast cancer in 1998.

In 2011, he married for a third time, tying the knot to Nancy Shevell, with the pair keeping their relationship largely out of the limelight.

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