Pussycat Dolls star Kimberly Wyatt calls Nicole Scherzinger every day to hassle her for a reunion

She has been hassling the X Factor judge, 39, and even leaving voicemail messages when she doesn’t pick up.

The singer says she’d “do anything and everything” to bring the Dolls back and help bandmate Ashley Roberts, 36, who recently lost her dad.

Speaking at the Cineworld Leicester Square launch party, Kimberly, 36, said: "Pussycat Dolls is a massive focus of mine and I would love to share a stage with my beautiful, empowered, talented friends again.

"It is a bit confusing. There's been lots of chat. Lots of things in the works. We're just waiting for that catalyst that sends us into the stratosphere again.

"I am working on it. Nicole is aloof sometimes but I am calling her every single day, even if she doesn't answer I am leaving a voicemail because I am reaching out because I am adamant about bringing us females together especially for Ashley who has been through so much at the minute.”

The Sun revealed the iconic band would be reuniting last year with the group confirming it in October.

It set up a website called PCD Reunion as well as an Instagram account to keep fans in the loop following their split in 2010.

Carmit Bachar left the group in 2008 leaving Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, Melody Thornton, Kimberly and Nicole.

Kimberly previously told the Sun they are set to embark on a tour and record new material.

Earlier this month Ashley revealed her father had taken his own life after suffering a "long physical and mental health battle".

On her Instagram, the former I’m A Celebrity star said: “With great sadness in my heart, I wanted to share with you that on March 19 – after a long battle of physical and mental heath – my father took his own life.

"The past 3.5 weeks I’ve been in a state of shock, confusion, questioning, pain so deep in my guts it’s been hard to come up for air."

Kimberly revealed Ashley had been staying with her to help her through the grief.

She said: “I am excited to be back on stage with her and looking over at that beautiful, amazing smile.

"She is at my house waiting for me right now. She is my bestie.

"Absolutely I’m her shoulder to cry on.

"I do anything and everything to bring that smile again.”

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