Richard Bacon speechless as Andi Peters shares eyebrow-raising headline on cocaine past

GMB: Andi brandishes Blue Peter headline of Richard Bacon

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Richard Bacon, who is a guest presenter on Good Morning Britain this week, was left speechless by Andi Peters when the competition was being discussed. With nearly £100k up for grabs, Andi said he had more to give than just the prize money – a Blue Peter annual starring Richard on the front cover. Inside, was an article about Richard in the snow – an ironic headline considering he was sacked in 1998 after admitting he had taken cocaine during a 12-hour drinking binge. 

“Tell the story about this annual,” Andi asked and Richard replied: “That might be worth more than £95,000 because when I prematurely left the children’s television – we don’t need to go into it.” 

“No one mentions it anymore do they?” Susanna remarked and Andi opened the annual to reveal a page titled ‘Blue Peter in the snow’.

“Look at the headline Andi has picked!” Richard laughed nervously. “Stop it!” 

“What? What?” Andi remarked and the presenter continued: “Let’s just say Andi’s children television career was longer than mine! 

“Look at his innocent face! What would that have possibly meant?” 

“I’m not getting involved!” Susanna said. “But you’re right, that’s a collectors item!” 

“When I prematurely left that show… it was pulped,” Richard explained. “That’s Blue Peter annual number 28 and they destroyed a lot of them?” 

“What?” Susanna said. “Hoping to get rid of any trace of you?” 

“And then Andi Peters has found the only copy and put it on ITV!” Richard added. 

It comes as Richard was forced to hand in his Blue Peter badge just 18 months into the role – and was the first presenter to have his contract terminated mid-run. 

He admitted to taking cocaine in a nightclub and the BBC’s Head of Children’s Programmes Lorraine Heggessey issued a statement at the time damning his actions. 

She said: “It is sad that such a talented presenter as Richard Bacon has not only let himself and his colleagues down but, most important of all, he has let down the millions of children who watch Blue Peter.”

Richard was told he would never work in television again but has gone onto forge a successful career on the radio with the BBC and Channel 4. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Richard was invited to co-present GMB a couple of years ago and returned this week. 

In a previous interview, Richard said he “doesn’t mind talking about Blue Peter or the cocaine”. 

“It’s such a prominent part of my past. 

But I’m very comfortable making jokes about it. I just don’t care. It doesn’t make any difference to anything,” The Sun published. 

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