Sean Hayes Says Ellen's Getting a 'Boob Job' as He Takes Over Her Show for the Day

The ‘Will & Grace’ star does an amazing dance number before interviews with Olivia Munn, Tony Hale and a young Shakespeare expert.

Sean Hayes took over hosting duties on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday and it was as wild as you’d expect.

"I can’t tell you where she is for personal reasons, because it’s a boob job," Hayes joked about Ellen’s absence. "And she’s going for the big one, so next time she’s here, watch out front row."

"Here’s what happened," he continued. "Ellen had a little accident. She tripped and fell and was under the weight of her own wallet," adding that he assumed that she was probably at Home Depot, because that’s "where all the lesbians go."

While DeGeneres was MIA, the "Will & Grace" star was more than happy to slip into her dancing shoes, kicking off the episode with a totally choreographed dance number to Meghan Trainor’s hit "No Excuses." The Broadway star was exhausted by the time he got to Ellen’s chair and was given an oxygen mask to help him out. Check out the opening dance number below.

Hayes was tasked with interviewing three guests during Ellen’s absence; "Six" star Olivia Munn, "Arrested Development’s" Tony Hale, and a very talented six-year-old.

The actor more than held his own on the show — below are the highlights from his Ellen takeover!

Olivia Munn’s Tale

Was there anyone who wasn’t at Ellen’s star-studded 60th birthday? It seems like everyone who comes on her show has a story from the epic bash!

Munn apparently also attended the party back in January, talking to Hayes about the moment Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Lopez had an epic dance-off.

"Melissa McCarthy challenged Jennifer Lopez to a dance off," she said. "And Melissa won. She was amazing," she said, adding that McCarthy was "gyrating" and is able to do the splits.

The actress also talked about how comedian Tig Notaro wanted to sing Adele’s song "Hello," but Ellen said she couldn’t because Adele was there. Eventually, Notaro got her approval (with some help from Pink) belted it out before Ellen pulled her off the stage.

Tony Hale’s Daughter Loves Prisons

The "Veep" star stopped by the show as well to talk about his daughter’s weird obsessions with prisons. Yes, you read that correctly.

"Some kids like Taylor Swift, mine likes prisons," Hale explained. "She just loves it," he added, saying the family recently took a trip to Alcatraz in San Francisco to appease her interest in police and incarceration.

Hayes also asked the actor how his co-star Julie-Louis Dreyfus is doing, after announcing her breast cancer diagnosis last year.

"She’s doing great," he said. "She’s getting stronger and stronger and we’re shooting the new season this summer."

Shakespeare Kid

Too cute, or not too cute, that is the question. Hayes’ third guest was a six-year-old girl named Zoey Cardamone, a "kid Shakespeare expert." The pint-sized theater pro has been reciting Shakespeare’s monologues since she was 2, citing "Macbeth" as one of her favorite plays.

"You’re not supposed to say ‘Macbeth’ in a theater right?" Hayes said, as Cardamone nodded. "So what do you do if that happens?" he asked. "Turn around three times and spit over your left shoulder," she said, before demonstrating.

To prove she’s the real deal, she then performed a monologue for the studio audience. We’re all impressed!

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