Sharon faces tough decision between hard man Phil and toyboy Keanu on EastEnders

Sharon Mitchell faces a tough decision on tonight’s EastEnders.

She’s a woman in demand but grabbing the attention of two men comes along with a lot of problems.

Sharon needs to pick between hardman Phil and toyboy Keanu – so who will she choose?

Sparks are flying between Sharon and her husband’s employee but their afternoon delight is ruined when Karen returns home.

Not knowing where to turn, Sharon confides in best pal Linda and reveals she has been flirting with a much younger man.

Later, Sharon has a choice to make when Keanu invites her for a drink.

Will she live life on the edge or play it safe and return home to Phil?

Meanwhile, Stacey worries that the father of Hayley’s baby could be her own husband.

Jean plants the idea in Stacey’s head that Martin might have got her cousin pregnant.

She is determined to get answers but Kush isn’t very helpful.

Stacey goes directly to the source of the problem and confronts Hayley.

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Will she reveal the shocking truth?

Elsewhere, Billy comes up with a plan to stop Honey falling in love with a dentist.

He gives Janet and William as many sweets as they can stomach, but it all goes wrong when his son is sick.

*EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm

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