‘SNL’ Mocks Virginia Politicians Over Blackface Scandal

As Virginia continues to reel from allegations that both Governor Ralph Northam and the state’s attorney general donned blackface in the Eighties, a Saturday Night Live sketch mocked the state’s clueless representatives.

“Alright, so we’re all in agreement that the lieutenant governor should be encouraged to step down? Okay, so it’s settled,” Kenan Thompson’s chair of the ethics committee told the representatives, addressing yet another scandal roiling Virginia politics before turning his attention to the blackface issue.

Thompson’s character then polled the white representatives to see who else might have worn blackface in the past. “Tell me now so we can get ahead of this,” he said.

One by one, the representatives admitted to wearing blackface. “I have a question: What if the blackface was just part of your costume of a black person,” Beck Bennett’s Tom asked.

Cecily Strong’s Barbara added, “Does it count if you did it all the way back in the Eighties?”

“People, we are elected state officials, we can’t keep having this pop up,” Thompson’s character said.

Instead of diffusing the situation, the representatives’ inquiries become increasingly over-the-top; guest host Halsey’s politician asked whether it is okay to don blackface if you’re half-black, then clarified that she meant she once dressed up as “both Michael Jacksons” for Halloween.

An exasperated Thompson finally told the representatives, “I’d advise you all to delete any Facebook photo labeled Halloween and hope for the best.”

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