Spoilers: Emmerdale’s Faith is forced into treatment she doesn't want by Chas

News of Faith’s (Sally Dexter) secret cancer battle hits Chas (Lucy Pargeter) hard in Emmerdale , but she’s hit even harder when she learns Faith is ready to ditch the chemo and take her chances. Chas immediately determines to change Faith’s mind and enlists Cain (Jeff Hordley) to do the job.

Instead of doing as she insists, Cain resorts to what he knows best – taking his anger out on someone else through violence. Liam (Jonny McPherson) cops the brunt of it for knowing about Faith’s illness and sticking to his doctor’s code.

At a loss, Chas takes matters into her own hands and heaps pressure on Faith to keep up treatment, not realising she’s taking advantage of Faith’s vulnerability. Her mum is exhausted from fighting constant battles and caves, reluctantly agreeing to continue. Chas is so caught up in her perceived victory, she doesn’t see the damage she’s causing.

Faith, on the other hand, is a little more perceptive and sees how desperate Chas is for her to fight. She begrudgingly agrees to continue with the treatment for her benefit. Chas is oblivious; she has no idea how much she has pressured her sick mother and stripped her of her power. Faith tries to remain stoic and not let on that inside she’s crumbling, but it’s a tough ask when Chas confronts her and asks if she truly is happy to have more Chemo. She tries to keep up the pretence for Chas’ sake, but will her daughter finally see what’s right in front of her face?

Faith makes light of her cancer which upsets Chas further – another sign she isn’t even close to coping with the news her mum is on borrowed time, Equally Faith isn’t coping with having her choice taken away from her. While Chas acts out and puts her marriage in jeopardy, how will a frail Faith cope with what’s happening to her?

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