Spoilers: Jai in Emmerdale helps Leyla ditch her coke habit?

Leyla (Roxy Shahidi)’s drug habit is becoming a serious problem for her in upcoming Emmerdale episodes, but if there’s one person who understands what a coke addiction is like, it’s Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson). Could he be the one to help her to overcome her dependence on drugs?

On a short fuse because she’s run out of coke, Leyla snaps at Priya (Fiona Wade) when she learns that she’s upset some important clients. She goes off to try to put the mistake right, but is desperate to get her hands on more drugs and searches through Suzy (Martelle Edinborough)’s bag hoping to find some.

Suzy catches her red-handed and, despite Leyla’s excuses, knows exactly what she was looking for. Suzy warns her about getting too reliant on coke but Leyla refuses to listen.

When she returns to Take A Vow she finds Priya in a distressed state. A journalist from a bridal magazine has asked her to pose for some photos to accompany an interview and she got upset because of her ongoing trauma about her burn scars.

Leyla reacts to this in an unexpectedly cold and dismissive way, leaving Priya shocked and hurt.

Jai is angry at the way Leyla has treated his sister, but after she apologises he becomes more sympathetic. He opens up about his addiction, and his words seem to be getting through to Leyla. He says he still has his dealer’s number on a piece of paper and Leyla insists that he burns it as a way to show he really has drawn a line under his old life.

Will Jai’s experience make Leyla think twice about her own relationship with drugs? Or is there something else going on?

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