Spoilers: Johnny can't face losing Aidan again in Corrie

Johnny Connor’s (Richard Hawley) sight began deteriorating before he was sentenced to jail in Coronation Street, but now things are getting worse as his poor sight and struggles with his mental health has caused him to start hallucinating.

Johnny began seeing mice and cockroaches recently, and was left confused when he glanced up and thought he saw his late son Aidan (Shayne Ward), and with upcoming episodes allowing Johnny to discover the reason behind his hallucinations, he’s unsure whether he’s even ready to lose sight of his son.

Gary’s (Mikey North) concerned for Johnny but he assures Gary he’s seeing the psychiatrist later.

The psychiatrist diagnoses Johnny with Charles Bonnet syndrome and assures him his condition is physical, not mental and if his medication works, the hallucinations will stop.

Later, Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) visits Johnny, where he admits that in some ways, he doesn’t want the hallucinations to stop as he takes comfort from seeing Aidan.

As Jenny masks her concern, will Johnny take his medication?

What will happen to Johnny’s health if he refuses to take the pills so he can continue seeing Aidan?

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