Susan Sarandon Revealed a 'Thelma & Louise' Sequel Was Considered: The Potential Plot Was a 'Very Bad Idea'

Thelma & Louise’s final scene is a bold choice that leaves little room for continuing the main characters’ stories. Susan Sarandon, who co-starred with Geena Davis, said there was some talk of a sequel at one point, an idea that thoroughly confused her, given the movie’s ending.

Susan Sarandon said the plot of a ‘Thelma & Louise’ sequel was ‘very bad’

During a Jan. 26 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host discussed how people were discovering Thelma & Louise during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the movie has been gaining new fans.

Sarandon was happy to hear it. “Oh, good! I didn’t know that,” she responded. “That’s cool.”

Fallon said that, given the movie’s ending, a sequel couldn’t have happened, but Sarandon revealed that there were discussions about it.

“They talked about a sequel, but I could not … I don’t know what it would be,” Sarandon shared. “I can’t understand.”

Fallon joked about the movie Topper, in which Cary Grant plays a ghost and Sarandon revealed that there was some chatter about going in that direction.

“Oh, yeah!” she said, adding, “Actually, that was a very bad idea they had. We were ghosts looking down on earth and helping women who were in bad domestic [relationships].”

She continued, “And I remember saying to [then-partner] Tim [Robbins], ‘But what would we be doing?’ And he said, ‘You’d be getting a big check.’”

“No, that didn’t work out, either,” she added. “Best to leave it alone.”

‘Thelma & Louise’ almost had a different ending

During a 2016 interview with EW for a Thelma & Louise reunion, Sarandon reflected on how the movie could have had an entirely different ending.

“When I met with [director] Ridley [Scott], I said, ‘So really, are you going to … don’t have me do this and then when you test it and everybody gets bummed out, you’re going to reshoot and we’re going to be alive after all,’” she recalled.

“And he said, ‘Well, I can tell you that you will definitely die, but I’m not sure about the other one,’” Sarandon recalled him saying about Davis’ character. “He said, ‘You might push her out of the car or something.’”

Davis shared her thoughts on filming the ending, which proved to be emotional because it was the last scene they filmed.

“It was very emotional for me, and maybe us. It was the last scene of the movie, we had 20 minutes to get it, and we’re going to say goodbye to each other. And so, meta!” Davis said of shooting the scene. “I turned and looked at her, I realized the whole experience was over, and I felt really sad.”

Susan Sarandon shared how she got her ‘Search Party’ job

Sarandon has had an impressive career and added another credit to her resume: Aunt Lylah on Search Party.

She has one of her kids to thank for the part, it turns out. “I had so much fun and you can tell when you watch it that everybody that’s on it is having so much fun,” Sarandon said about the gig.

“It was a job that actually my son got me. It’s nepotism … now I’ve started getting jobs because of my children.”

Sarandon added that the SNL “Mother Lover” digital short came about the same way. “My youngest was like, ‘Mom, you have to do it.’ I didn’t know what ‘D*ck in a Box’ was and he was like, ‘It’s a classic. Whatever they ask you to do, you have to do it.’”

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