Teen Mom Briana DeJesus slammed as ‘selfish’ for saying she doesn’t think she can remain quarantined for 30 more days – The Sun

BRIANA DeJesus was slammed as "selfish" by fans after she said she doesn't think she can remain quarantined for another thirty days.

The Teen Mom 2 star received a lot of backlash after tweeting about how doesn't think she can stay home all of April.

Briana, 25, has been keeping her fans updated about her time quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Briana tweeted: "I know this is selfish to say and I’m sorry but I don’t know if I can stay home all of April. (Obviously I have no choice but f**k)."

Followers were quick to slam the MTV reality star.

One fan replied: "Super selfish. You’re right."

Another follower replied: "As you cash your MTV paycheck and there [are] essential workers wishing they could stay home but can’t because they’re there for ungrateful a**es like you."

Besides her two daughters, Briana also lives with her sister, Brittany, and their mother, Roxanne, who has lupus.

One follower wrote to Briana: "It’s not just about you though, your mother has a chronic illness, you need to protect her and your kids. It’s hard for us all, we all have different personal circumstances and struggles but we just have to suck it up and stay home."

One follower sarcastically replied: "Drama queen, the clubs are closed."

Another follower brought up how Briana recently brought her two young children to Gatorland and the beach in Florida for a trip.

The user wrote: "You already didn’t. Still an idiot."

Briana took her daughters, Nova and Stella, to the beach despite the coronavirus pandemic.

A comment read: "Of all the weekends to take her kids to Gatorland… she picked this one?"

Another wrote: "I’m glad the girls had fun but it seems like something that could’ve waited. I personally think it’s a bit reckless. I wouldn’t take chances with my child’s health."

Earlier this week, Briana feared that her youngest daughter caught the coronavirus.

The MTV star asked her Twitter followers: "Do they do testing in Orlando, Florida for this virus and where?????"

A few hours later, Briana tweeted: "Stella has a mild fever so let’s pray it’s not what I think it is."

Fans continued to slam Briana over her beach trip after revealing she thinks Stella caught coronavirus.
One tweet read: "Stay [the f**k] at home. You were irresponsible taking her to the beach but now you [want to be] be scared?"

One fan asked: "You took her out to the beach around the [people] and all? Isn't she high risk with heart condition? [Come on] Mama no way."

A fan checked in with Briana regarding Stella's health.

The follower tweeted: "Is Stella ok?"

Briana replied: "Yes, she's great."


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