Test yourself with these Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? questions

It was the moment many Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? fans were starting to wonder if they would get to see.

Tonight viewers watched Gareth Kendall win £125,000 on the revamped ITV quiz show.

He became the first contestant to land one of the top four prizes during this seven-episode run hosted by Jeremy Clarkson.

Gareth, 31, of Bradford, firstly shocked viewers when he revealed an emotional reason why he could answer one of the questions.

Asked “The ruins of Urquhart Castle stand on the banks of which loch?”, he said he knew it to be Loch Ness because he lost his leg there in a car accident.

Then, after leaving even Clarkson speechless, Gareth went on to surprise viewers again by finally breaking the run of bad luck that the new host seemed to be bringing the contestants.

Previously, fans of the show had been left scratching their heads because the highest amount won in five episodes was £32,000.

A string of people crashed out before the £1,000 mark.

Some of the questions that left contestants stumped included “The Balearic Islands form a province of which country?… (a) Spain (b) Italy (c) France (d) Greece”.

The person in the hot seat said Italy, when the answer is Spain.

And some viewers were left shouting from their sofas at home when another contestant made a rather unfortunate guess.

When asked “In Greek mythology who is the Goddess of Victory?… (a) Umbro (b) Reebok (c) Adidas (d) Nike”, he plumped for Umbro rather than Nike, and went home with only £1,000.

He hadn’t even used any of his four lifelines.

At least his mistake was nowhere near as costly as the one made by Rob Mitchell who got to £250,000 in 2003 when Chris Tarrant hosted the show, but got his £500,000 question wrong and dropped £218,000, walking away with £32,000.

Rob guessed the Oscar statuette is 11in high, when it is 13.5in.

So, why has Gareth been the only one to shine so far in the new series to mark the 20th anniversary?

(A) We’re not as smart as we were.

(B) Fake news has corrupted our general knowledge.

(C) We’ve forgotten how hard the questions always were.

(D) Being stared at by Jeremy Clarkson is putting people off their game.

It’s not one we need to use a lifeline on, but just to be sure, here are questions from the first series to compare.

Can you scoop the (hypothetical) £1million jackpot?

Q1: For £100

Which part of its body does a woodpecker use for pecking?

A) Beak B) Tail C) Wing D) Foot

Q2 for £200

What is a female pig called?

A) Jenny B) Sow C) Mare D) Hind

Q3 for £300

What name is given to the calm area at the centre of a hurricane?

A) Ear B) Mouth C) Nose D) Eye

Q4 for £500

Which hugely successful pop star took the lead in the 1996 film of Evita?

A) Madonna B) Mariah Carey
C) Bette Midler D) Celine Dion

Q5 for £1,000

Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1992 for his role in Scent of a Woman?

A) Al Pacino B) Jeremy Irons C) Michael Douglas D) Gene Hackman

Q6 for £2,000

What word represents the letter Q in the phonetic alphabet?

A) Queen B) Quebec C) Quarter D) Quiz

Q7 for £4,000

The Ashanti people are native to which continent?

A) Africa B) Asia C) North America D) South America

Q8 for £8,000

What does the word “dulce” indicate on a Spanish wine label?

A) Dry B) Sweet C) White D) Sparkling

Q9 for £16,000

For what form of entertainment was Harry Houdini famous?

A) Ventriloquism B) Tightrope walking C) Conjuring D) Escapology

Q10 for £32,000

To which of these might a codicil be added?

A) A musical score B) A will C) A statue D) A headache pill

Q11 for £64,000

Which was the first stately home to open its doors to the public?

A) Beaulieu B) Longleat C) Wilton House D) Blenheim Palace

Q12 for £125,000

Which of these artists has never had a UK No.1 hit single?

A) Genesis B) Fleetwood Mac
C) UB40 D) Marvin Gaye

Q13 for £250,000

In European mythology, which of these is an archaic term for a supernatural being?

A) Blak B) Blew C) Wight D) Gray

Q14 for £500,000

Tom Thumb, A Tragedy is a farcical play by which author?

A) Henry Fielding B) Jonathan Swift C) Alexander Pope D) Christopher Marlowe

Q15 for £1,000,000

Which British king was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine?

A) Henry I B) Henry II C) Richard I D) Henry V

How far did you get?

Up to £1,000: You’re not going home empty-handed – but it’s a few zeros short of the big prize.

Up to £16,000: Valiant effort but you could have done with phoning a friend.

Up to £125,000: Ask the Audience? Nah! you don’t need help from anyone.

Up to £1million: Outstanding – you’re clearly a trivia whizz! It’s a shame this isn’t the real thing.


1) A: 2) B; 3) D; 4) A; 5) A; 6) B; 7) A; 8) B; 9) D; 10) B; 11) C; 12) A; 13) C; 14) A; 15) B.

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