Thats fascism! Richard Madeley in furious row with M25 activist Blocking out reality

GMB: Richard Madeley criticises activist over M25 protest

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Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid invited Insulate Britain activist Liam Norton onto Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain to discuss the recent M25 protest. The ITV presenter accused Norton and protestors like him of being “fascist” for justifying the protest despite it possibly endangering the lives of those who were stuck in traffic. 

Madeley said: “Can I give you a definition of something? Tell me what you think about it, you’re an intelligent person so tell me what you think.

“A tendency towards an actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control over individuals or severe social regimentation, forcible suppression of the opposition and the believe that the greater course takes precedence over individual interests. 

“Do you know what that’s a definition of? Fascism.”

“Well I don’t think it’s fascist to have a demand of universal care and that’s what Insulate Britain are talking about,” Norton replied.

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