The 7.39 viewers hugely invested in 2014 show – for a second time!

Fans have been delighted to see The 7.39 being played on BBC One once again. The romantic drama originally aired back in 2014, and follows two people who meet on the 7.39 am train to London Waterloo and fall in love as trouble inevitably looms. 

Viewers were full of praise for the new series, with many getting very invested in the affair storyline. One person wrote: “Me, sitting here in bed, shouting at the television, ‘Ohhhh no no no no, don’t cheat on Olivia Coleman, she’s a national treasure!’ #The739.” Another added: “Carl’s wife is very trusting – he is meant to be at the gym and doesn’t get in till half 1 in the morning! #the739.” 

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A third person joked: “Watching #the739. I have no idea how or why people bother having affairs. Looks properly stressful and just a logistical nightmare. I’d never remember the lies or make a good alibi. Um…  I’m late because I got stuck… in the … um… fish? Store? Yes, the fish store.” 

Fans were full of praise for the show

Sheridan Smith spoke about the show on Instagram, writing: “So excited that The 7:39 is being repeated on @bbcone on Monday at 9 pm. It’s a 2 part drama with me, David Morrisey and Olivia Coleman. (My sauciest one to date) hope you guys like it.” 

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Did you enjoy the first episode?

The show is an adaptation from David Nicholls, who also penned BBC’s most recent drama, Us. Speaking about the show, he said: “I always thought that this would be a tricky book to adapt as it’s told from one character’s point of view and it’s very much in his head. At the same time, there’s something about it which is very cinematic; it’s a road movie, a journey through the physical spaces of Europe but also a journey of a twenty-year marriage through flashbacks.” 

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