The Chase fans floored as contestant admits she's only on show replace stolen bike – but it totally backfires

THE Chase fans were in tears of laughter when a contestant admitted she was on the show to replace a stolen bike during last night's show.

Reshma, an aerospace engineer from Middlesex, told host Bradley Walshthat if she got her hands on any cash she'd put it towards funding a brand new two-wheeler.

Bradley asked: "What brings you here? If you take any winnings home what you going to buy?"

Reshma replied: "Well I like cycling and my bicycle got stolen recently so I need to buy a new bike…"

The host looked sorry for the contestant wished her the best of luck.

Unfortunately Reshma didn't get very far with her quest to fund a new pushbike as she only managed to get £1,000 in the first round before Anne Hegerty caught up with her.

"I'm sorry to say Reshma the table has gone red – which means you have been caught and for you, the chase is over," Bradley told her.

And while many felt sorry for Reshma, some fans of the show couldn't help but take the mick out of her when she was kicked off the show.

One viewer said on Twitter: "I was going to say on yer bike but she had it stolen #TheChase."

Others joked that one of her fellow contestants was behind the crime.

Another wrote: "I reckon it was David who stole Reshma’s bike, the look on his face when he was caught out was exquisite #thechase."

A third tweeted: "David stole her bike! #TheChase."

Another joked: "David reacted to "I've recently had my bike stolen" with a face that said "shit I hope she didn't see me turn up on it". #TheChase."

A fifth chimed in: "David looked guilty when she said that… Ask him if he's selling a bike #TheChase."

Fans were also left in hysterics during the same episode when chaser Anne got her flirt on with contestant Xander.

She smoothly said "I'm taking you home," to the 20-year-old drama and theatre student after having a debate about his favourite film RoboCop.

Yesterday's episode was full of drama as the 62-year-old also told Bradley "you're dead" after he compared her to Godzilla.

Catch the next episode of The Chase this evening on ITV at 5pm.


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