The Chases Mark Labbett amazes fans with shrinking frame as he poses shirtless

Mark Labbett – best known for his showing off his quizzing prowess on The Chase as The Beast – has been parading something rather different of late, sharing his incredible weight loss for fans.

Now the big brain has shared a series of topless selfies as he posted a candid update on social media – wearing nothing but a towel slung low around his hips.

Mark, who has recently dropped a whopping 10 stone in weight, said he has shrunk down from a 5XL in clothes to a 2XL – and he’s determined to go a step further to squeeze into extra large clothes.

In one snap taken in a hotel bathroom, Mark could be seen grinning as he raised his phone to a circular mirror for a selfie in the shower, with his dark hair still slick wet with water.

A smattering of dark hair was visible on the quizzer’s chest as he beamed for the camera wearing nothing but a white towel slung low on his lips.

In the bottom of the frame, a series of tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles were visible on the dresser, along with a marble grey wash bag.

Mark tweeted to his followers: "52 inch chest, so down from 5XL to 2XL. Still work to do… XL or bust!"

Later, Mark headed for the hotel bedroom to share another topless selfie, with his double bed and reading lamp just visible in the background. Opting for a more sober look in the second snap, Mark didn’t spare the lens a smile as he explained that he had actually dropped from a 60 inch chest size.

Mark’s fans quickly headed to the comments section to show some love for their favourite quizzer, with one writing: "Looking good Mark!"

"Great progress mate!" another chimed in, as a third fan echoed: "Congratulations!"

And his quizzing pal Paul Sinha, AKA The Sinnerman, couldn’t help pointing out the discrepancies between their hotel rooms on Twitter, as he cheekily penned: "Hang on a second… They’ve put you in a nicer hotel room than me!"

One fan even Photoshopped Mark’s shower selfie onto the mirror in their living room, posting: "You look great on my living room wall Mark!" with a heart-eyed emoji.

It comes after Mark stormed off-set of The Chase on Wednesday evening, explaining that his mental health was “shot” before heading into the game.

Faced with defeat, Mark couldn’t help but punch the set in anger as he stormed off, saying: "It doesn’t matter, I give up!"

Later, Mark turned to Twitter to apologise for his actions, explaining to fans: "Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behaviour tonight. My mental health was shot before that game, it was storm off or break down in tears.

"A remorseless diet of quality opponents didn’t help."

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