The Drowning: Is Daniel really Tom?

The Drowning: Jodie watches Daniel in the school

The Drowning is a new identity thriller series on Channel 5 and it follows a grieving mother, Jodie (played by Jill Halfpenny). Jodie was only just coming to terms with her son Tom’s disappearance which happened nine years previously when she spotted an extraordinary boy. She believed schoolboy Daniel (Cody Molko) was her son and fans are keen to know his real identity.

Is Daniel really Tom in The Drowning?

The Drowning shows viewers just how far a mother will go to get closure following the disappearance of her child.

Tom was believed to have drowned in a lake during a family trip when he was just a small boy.

The police dredged the lake but his body was never found and Jodie is convinced her son is still out there.

On her way to a job proposal, she spots Daniel, a schoolboy who resembles her son and she decides to follow him.

Convinced Daniel is a grown-up Tom, she goes above and beyond to get close to him and even takes up a music teacher post at his school.

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By the end of the first episode, she had made herself known to Daniel and had ended up at his family home.

Daniel’s father Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones) is already suspicious of her eagerness to be close to Daniel, and Jodie’s ex-husband Ben (Dara Devaney) tried to encourage her to drop the case.

Jodie was convinced Daniel was Tom due to the way he walked and how he looked, and he had the same scar on his face as young Tom.

Fans, however, are not convinced he is actually Jodie’s missing son as scars are not uncommon.

Ben also raised the fact there are many children who could bear the same features as their son.

Fans are still waiting to find out what really happened to Tom as the flashback did not give anything away.

Young Tom was seen playing with a toy boat on the edge of the lake and fans could only hear his family screaming his name.

The most obvious theory is that Tom drowned and Jodie is forcing herself to believe Daniel is her son so she can have him back in her life.

There is, however, the question of how his body was not found when the police initially searched the lake.

Jodie believed Mark may have taken Tom after he went missing and raised him as his own child.

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Daniel said he did not have a mother and it was just him and his father living at home, which raised Jodie’s hopes further.

Fans were later encouraged to believe Jodie could be right when Daniel asked her where he knew her from.

He seemed to suggest he had seen Jodie before, but he could have been thinking of the first time she laid eyes on him.

Jodie had been in her car at the time and she had beeped her horn to get Daniel and the rest of his group’s attention.

He looked in her direction and he may well have remembered her from that day.

Episode four, which will air on Thursday, is the finale and it will explain the truth behind Tom’s disappearance.

Daniel’s identity will also be revealed as fans come to learn of his connection, if any, to Tom.

In tonight’s episode, Jodie starts teaching Daniel private guitar lessons and she uses the opportunity to gather evidence that he is her son.

As Jodie’s family is keen to lay Tom to rest and declare him officially dead, Jodie’s mission to prove them wrong becomes more urgent.

Mark is also growing more suspicious of Jodie’s intervention and he attempts to prevent future contact.

The Drowning airs until Thursday on Channel 5

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