The Hills' Heidi Montag Doesn’t Think Ex-BFF Lauren Conrad ‘Will Ever Be Ready’ to Reconcile

The infamous feud between Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad that started on The Hills may never be truly over.

Montag, now a 32-year-old mom, spoke about her relationship with Conrad, also a 32-year-old mom, on Wednesday’s episode of the podcast #NoFilter with Zack Peter.

“I’d be willing to move forward and put things behind us,” Montag said. “We would never be the way that we were again, but it would be fun to maybe catch up one day and be mature and be like, ‘Hey that was crazy, I wish you the best,’ type-of-thing. But I don’t think she would be ever ready for that.”

MTV announced a reboot of The Hills at the Video Music Awards in August, and Conrad confirmed she won’t participate as she focuses on her businesses.

Montag briefly compared Conrad and another former star of The Hills who will not be returning, Kristin Cavallari. “[Kristin’s] always been kind of the life of the party and someone everybody wants to be best friends with. … I think she just keeps things moving forward … she’s just a very confident happy person,” she said.

Montag also took shots at Conrad’s close friend Lo Bosworth, recalling: “I was never friends with Lo … I didn’t even know she was really a part of The Hills to be honest.”

Ahead of revival which Montag said she hopes will be like Jersey Shore: Family Vacation — the reality star also divulged a little about which fights were most produced and which weren’t. The short answer: Most of her drama with husband Spencer Pratt, 35, wasn’t real.

“There were certain elements that were rea l… and then a combination of things in our relationship that were manufactured,” Montag explained. “Then it became to a point where the other cast didn’t want to film with Spencer and I, so the only way we had our storyline was a lot of fake fighting and drama and stuff like that.”

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The Hills: New Beginnings will reunite original cast members, alongside their children, friends and returning favorites, and follow their personal and professional lives while living in Los Angeles. It is slated to premiere in 2019.

So far, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Stephanie Pratt, Whitney Port, Jason Wahler, Justin Bobby and Frankie Delgado are confirmed for the reboot.

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