‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Thinks It’s Funny She Speaks in Public for a Living

The Pioneer Womanstar ReeDrummond is known for starring in her own Food Network show. If she sometimesseems a little awkward in front of the camera, there’s a good explanation. Here’swhat Drummond once said about public speaking and why she thinks it’s funny shehas to speak in public for a living.

Fans notice Ree Drummond isn’t comfortable in front of the camera

Many fans say Drummond seems uncomfortable and awkward whenshe’s in front of the camera. One Reddit commenter saidshe thinks Drummond is awkward because she doesn’t have acting experience. “Ithink she’s so awkward on TV because she’s not an actress. She’s just a mom andI do believe she’s a little goofy (I followed her blog too, pre-fame). She usedto make really funny blog posts.”

Another fan thinks Drummond just isn’t comfortable having acamera focused on her. “I have a feeling her awkwardness/scriptedness on TV isbecause she’s not 100% comfortable being the focus.”

Why Ree Drummond thinks it’s funny she speaks in public for a living

Drummond admits she used to have anxiety about publicspeaking. In the summer 2020 issue of The Pioneer Woman, a reader writesin to say Drummond always seems to know what to say on television. However, the“accidental country girl” says this isn’t always the case. Just like mostpeople, she used to be terrified of speaking publicly. Drummond says she usedto shake when it was her turn to give a presentation during her high schoolspeech class. Here’s what Drummond shared about her experience:

I’m going to share something with you that might be surprising: I used to have a pretty debilitating fear of public speaking. In high school speech class, I would shake when it was my turn—and that stuck with me for years. In my early twenties, I was asked to read scripture at a family friend’s wedding, and I almost didn’t make it through! The fact that my career requires me to speak in front of people all the time is hilarious to me.

Ree Drummond’s public speaking tips

Drummond has plenty of advice to share for those seekingdirection when it comes to public speaking. The Food Network star says the bestthing to do if you’re nervous is to just push through the fear.

“My best advice is to push through because over time the fear and anxiety go away,” says Drummond in her magazine column. “On a personal note, I usually pray before a speaking engagement that ‘I’ (Ree Drummond) be taken out of the equation and my message becomes the focus. Thinking about someone in attendance having a good laugh or benefiting from a piece of advice or recipe helps me realize that it isn’t about me—it’s about the people who are listening.”

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