Traces ending explained: What happened at the end of Traces?

Traces: Molly Windsor stars in dramatic teaser for series

Traces follows Emma Hedges (played by Molly Windsor), a lab assistant who tries to solve the case of her mother’s unsolved murder with the help of two professors. So what happened at the end of the BBC One series? has everything you need to know about the finale of Traces season one.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Traces.

What happened at the end of Traces?

Daniel finds evidence

Daniel McAfee (Martin Compston) knew his father Phil McAfee (Vincent Regan) had been up to no good, using substandard materials on the old family business Temp Tyres.

To find out more, Daniel went to his mum’s home to find any paperwork he could to prove just this.
Tempo Tyres is what Secrets nightclub used to be and the work to transform the venue was shoddily done with a false floor built on the site.

This was the beginning of everyone believing there was a grave underneath.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s mum also started to question her husband’s whereabouts on the night of Marie Monroe’s (Carly Anderson) murder as he wasn’t with her.

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The floor is dug up

After all the signs pointed to Tempo Tyres, the premises was searched and the lab team investigated what lay beneath the floor.

A footprint was discovered in the dirt as well as a hyoid bone and other remains which belonged to Marie.

Neil McKinven (Michael Nardone) realised a saw was used to cut up the bones but a knife was instead used on the flesh.

The hyoid bone was broken so it was thought Marie was strangled before she died.

Izzy confesses to affair

Izzy Alessi (Laurie Brett), Marie’s best friend, asked to meet with Emma to talk about the investigation.

She revealed how Marie did know Phil as Izzy was sleeping with him at the time, despite being married to Daniel’s mum.

On the night of Marie’s death though, Phil wasn’t with Izzy or with Daniel’s mum so his whereabouts are not accounted for.

This becomes the next step in getting justice for Marie as Phil has no alibi.

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Daniel hands over the invoices

After going for a walk with Emma and having a heart to heart, he handed over further invoices to the police.

Work on Secrets had been carried out two days after the death of Marie.

The sign outside of the club was dug up and a pair of boots were found underneath with a spot of blood on them.

The team then discovered there was both DNA evidence from Marie and Phil on the boots and he was subsequently arrested and charged for her murder.

Phil denies everything

When questioned, Phil continued to say he didn’t do it but flashbacks showed otherwise.

Phil and Marie bumped into each other coincidentally and when Marie started to have a go at him about how he was treating Izzy, he lashed out and killed her.

The drama ended with family and friends attending Marie’s delayed funeral.

Daniel stayed back and watches in the distance but he and Emma reunites in the final few moments.

Traces is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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