Truth about Adele and Rob teased through colours in Behind Her Eyes – here’s how

Behind Her Eyes: Eve Hewson stars in teaser

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Behind Her Eyes is a Netflix thriller based on the book written by author Sarah Pinborough. The story is essentially about Louise Barnsley (played by Simona Brown) who gets caught up in having a relationship with David (Tom Bateman) while befriending his wife Adele Ferguson (Eve Hewson). But there was much more to this plot than meets the eye with everything being revealed in the finale.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes.

In the flashback scenes, Adele is shown teaching her friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) how to do astral projection which is where your consciousness can travel out of its body and go elsewhere in the physical world.

Rob later suggests that they try swapping bodies for fun but little did Adele know that he wasn’t planning on returning as himself.

So instead, he ended up killing Adele in his old body and for the past 10 years, he had been living as her without David even realising it.

This means when “Adele” swaps bodies with Louise and kills her, it is now actually Rob inside Louise.

Behind Her Eyes’ bizarre ending has gripped viewers but there have been plenty of clues along the way to hint at what would happen.

One of which is the colour schemes the show decided to use throughout.

Each of the character’s consciousnesses is represented by glowing orbs with Adele’s as pink, Louise is green and Rob’s blue.

When Rob and Adele travel around her estate using astral projection, this when you first see what their individual colours are.

The next time is when Rob’s blue orb is seen floating around, watching Adele and David have sex in the next room.

Just before Louise is killed, Rob’s blue orb is seen hiding in the corner, waiting for her to arrive.

This was a tell-tale sign that it was actually Rob rather than Adele stealing Louise’s body.

These colours are also used to represent each person via the costumes in Behind Her Eyes.

When Rob is Adele, she is usually seen wearing blue which is his colour and is sometimes paired with pink, indicating that she’s really two people.

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Meanwhile, more often than not Louise is seen wearing green which is her astral projection colour.

The unpredictable moment was also foreshadowed earlier on in the series.

When Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howlitt) is in bed, his nightlight changes from green to blue.

This is a sneaky teaser added in by the Netflix show, highlighting how Rob was going to become Louise.

Unfortunately for David, Adele never told him about astral projection.

He is completely unaware that he’s been married to Rob for 10 years.

David thinks the problem was with Adele so thinks he has finally escaped her by the end.

However, Rob is obsessed with him and continues to follow David by taking on Louise’s persona and so once again, he is married to Adele’s former friend and killer.

Behind Her Eyes is available to watch on Netflix.

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