Two New Posters Debut For ‘The Meg’ And One Gives An Awesome Tribute To ‘Jaws’

Meg makes it not safe to go in the water or anywhere even near it.

Summer is one of those times of year when the beach calls for you when you’re outside and a Jaws marathon calls for you when you’re inside. It’s hard not to want to watch the movies that make you want to go to the beach, but also have you wanting to avoid it. Prepare to be even more skeptical of getting in the water as two new posters for The Meg have been released and they are going to scare the life out of you while making you feel quite nostalgic.

The Meg is a movie hitting theaters on Aug. 10, when the summer sun is still hot and high in the sky. In the movie, a deep-sea submersible lab gets attacked by a Megaladon, a prehistoric great white shark that many have thought was extinct for a very long time.

While some may be saying that great white sharks are far away from extinction, you’re exactly right and they’re alive and well. Meg happens to be a shark from the prehistoric age which happens to be about 75-feet long and is ready to cause a lot of havoc while finding her next meal.

As reported by Movie Web, two new posters have just been released for The Meg, and the first one pays an awesome tribute to Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jaws.

In 1975, Jaws swam into theaters and the poster for the famous film was a simple one but it was entirely too thought-provoking. In the poster, a swimmer is casually swimming on top of the water’s surface and has no idea of the imminent danger swimming upward at her from the depths of the ocean.

The new poster for The Meg has the same kind of idea going, but we see the profile of the great white shark and her going after a different prey: a small dog.

In the second poster, the immense size of The Meg can be seen as she heads quickly toward two underwater vehicles. It is obvious that she is going to show no mercy in the international poster as she looks to chow down on both of them at the exact same time without a moment of hesitation.

Jason Statham stars alongside Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamee, Robert Taylor, Masi Oka, Sophia Shuya Cai, and Winston Chao in The Meg which is now less than two months away from release. Some may not be able to take another huge shark movie very seriously, but no one can doubt that this looks like a lot of fun. The two new posters show that they are honoring the film that inspired it all in Jaws, and that has to be worth something.

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