Unforgotten season 4: Cast, broadcast date, trailer, killer and everything you need to know

Unforgotten series 3 has reached its brilliant conclusion, so obviously we’re already asking… when’s it coming back for more?

But the question should probably actually be… is it coming back?

“There’s a lot of talk of it coming back… if people want it, and there’s the question of whether we can make it together again,” writer and creator Chris Lang told Digital Spy. “Depending on my schedule and Nicola’s, but we’ll make a decision soon.”

And, now, we have a more recent update.

Yeah, seems like we’ll be getting more gritty crime drama from the gang. But what will the show look like when it returns? We’ve sifted through the clues to hazard some pretty solid guesses.

Unforgotten series 4 cast: Who will be in it?

One thing’s for sure, if the current team (which includes Chris Lang and series director Andy Wilson) can’t come back, the series won’t happen.

“It’s more on whether we can get the people back together. It’s hard because they’re all busy people. I wouldn’t want to work with another team – it’s almost unheard of to have the same director and writer, so it’s if we can can get everyone together, we will go again,” Lang said.

So don’t expect the show to return without…

– Nicola Walker as DCI Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Stuart

– Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan

– Jordan Long as DS Murray Boulting

– Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier

– Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley

Walker, for one, is hopeful that a fourth series will happen.

“Absolutely there could be a season four, but only if Chris can do it – and it depends what everyone thinks about the third one,” she said.

That’s good news, given that the third series ended with Cassie taking a much-needed sabbatical. She might not be done with detective work quite yet!

Unforgotten series 4 broadcast date: When will it be on?

That’s slightly harder to predict, as series one landed in October 2015, series two was in January 2017, and the most recent series started in July of 2018.

But, going by usual production schedules, we’d say late 2019 at the earliest, but more likely spring of 2020.

As soon as we get a confirmed date from ITV, we’ll drop it in this feature, so do bookmark this page for future updates.

Unforgotten series 4 trailer: When will we see it?

Again, very hard to call – but ITV usually broadcast the first teaser around a month before the series starts – holding off as long as possible to keep the secrets safe, presumably. (Besides, by this point, this series basically sells itself.)

As soon as we get any access to new footage, we’ll drop it in this feature.

Unforgotten series 4 killer: Who will it be?

Okay, okay – we’re not psychics who consult with fictional police officers to identify criminals before they’ve even been written / cast…

But we do have some information – sort of – about the Unforgotten series 4 killer, and every killer after that – and it comes straight from DCI Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Stuart (aka Nicola Walker) herself!

“When I watch shows [like this] and there’s someone that’s a phenomenal actor, and they’re playing the part that really doesn’t seem like the killer, I tend to call it really early on,” Nicola told Digital Spy, while discussing whether or not she is able to detect the killer when she gets sent the script.

“Because I know they wouldn’t take this job unless they had something really juicy to do in the storyline. So that is the annoying part of being an actor, and knowing other actors and knowing they’d do this.”

“These scripts – I find it impossible, because that’s how Chris writes,” Nicola explained. “He leads you down one lane and then of course he’s just toying with you.

“This series more than the others I really didn’t know and because of the way Chris writes, I thought they were all guilty but that was essentially the plot of the series before.

“Everyone seems like the killer in that all could have done it.”

So, yeah – keep your eye on Digital Spy for when the series 4 cast list is announced, as you’d better believe we’ll be trying to guess who actually done it.

For all the latest Unforgotten news, rumours and scoops, consider this your new home page – we’ll be keeping a close eye at all the latest developments in this particular case.

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