Upset Jake flees the Love Island villa in tears after the girls turn on him for telling Liberty 'I love you'

JAKE Cornish fled the Love Island villa in tears tonight after the girls turned on him for telling girlfriend Liberty, "I love you".

The water engineer's romantic gesture backfired as Faye and Chloe urged Liberty, 21, not to believe Jake.

Liberty looked happy for the first time in days after she pulled Jake for a chat to smooth things over and he made the romantic move.

But soon Faye rained on her parade, telling her: "I think you backed him into a corner, and the only way he could get out of that corner was to throw that at you."

As their comments made it back to Jake via Toby, the lad from Weston-super Mare looked enraged.

He jumped up and said: "I've got to get outta here."

The 24-year-old stomped through the villa and burst through the front doors with Toby running after him.

Distraught Jake held his head in his hands but following a tense ad break he was seen back inside the villa walls.

He later explained to Faye: "The main thing is, this is about me and Lib together, what you've said I can agree with you.

"Hands up I hadn't spent a lot of time with her. For me, for Lib, I've said (I love you) now, I mean it."

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And Faye replied: "Well you just have to prove it now."

Fans of the show were stunned by the dramatic development, and wondered whether the girls had ulterior motives.

One tweeted: "This is a saboteur job by the girls on the sly"

Another wrote: "Are the girls correct? Yes most likely. But I’m afraid to say they are just getting rid of the competition to help their own chances of winning…"

And one more wrote: "But what is the need for this chat? Who is this actually benefitting? Liberty is a big girl if she wants to stick by Jake then let her be!"

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