What does Derek Draper do?

DEREK Draper is the husband of regular GMB presenter Kate Garraway.

His battle with coronavirus has been documented for a full year now.

What does Derek Draper do?

Derek Draper is a former lobbyist turned psychologist and author.

His career in politics, which began in 1990, had its controversial moments.

In 1996 he became a lobbyist and two years later a conversation caught on tape landed Derek the starring role in what tabloids called "lobbygate".

At the time he was working for the Daily Express but got sacked due to the drama.

In 2009 he launched the LabourList website, but after another scandal involving the discussion of a smear campaign he was forced to step down.

After leaving politics, he retrained as a psychologist and has written about this subject for a number of outlets.

He's also has his own podcast which is focused on psychology and has presented on Talk Radio UK.

What books has Derek Draper written?

The Everyday Psychology of Life

This is Derek's latest book, due to launch March 30, 2021.

It explores 50 aspects of modern life, from love to work and applies behavioural theory to these areas.

Create Space

Create Space is a psychological book designed to help the reader better manage their time and feel less stressed.

It was first published in 2018.

Life Support

This book looks at 40 common key issues experienced by the collective that affect our day-to-day lives.

Using real life examples, it aims to help the reader better navigate issues.

It was published in 2009.

Blair's 100 Days

This book gives an insight into New Labour and moments from Blair's first 100 days in power.

The political insider's account was published in 1997.

Free Yourself From Your Past

This is a workbook that is designed to practically help the reader with understanding their past so they can avoid repeating past mistakes.

It was published in 2018.

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