Where was Normal People filmed? Find out the details on filming locations around Ireland here

Normal People has gripped viewers thanks to its moving storyline and stellar performances from its stars. But the BBC drama, which was adapted from Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel of the same name, has also been hailed for its scenic backdrop and stunning locations. So where was it filmed? From beautiful beaches to cosy local pubs and historical buildings, we’ve got all the details on where they filmed the show below…

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Normal People filming: Sligo

Both in the book and the drama, Connell and Marianne’s lives begin in the town of Carricklea in Sligo, Ireland. Although Carricklea is a fictional town, Sligo is a real place. Sligo is a coastal seaport and town based in County Sligo, north west Ireland, within the western province of Connacht. The cast and crew headed to the town of Tobercurry, Sligo to replicate Carricklea and is where most of the scenes for the show were filmed.

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Picturesque Sligo was used as the backdrop

During filming, the cast were reported to have stayed at the cast stayed at the Sligo Park Hotel. Also based in Sligo is Streedagh Beach where they filmed the seaside shot of Marianne and Connell on their return from college. Many other streets and pubs were shot in and around Sligo too including Brennan’s Pub for the New Year’s Eve scene.


Normal People filming: Dublin

Given Marianne and Connell both attend Trinity College, Dublin, it’ll come as little surprise that most of the university scenes were filmed in Dublin and around the college itself. The impressive and historical buildings provided the perfect backdrop for the stars life and university.

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The cast also filmed in and around Trinity College, Dublin

Many shots around the building were used too such as the front square, the Robert Emmet Theatre and the cricket pitches. Fun fact: actor Paul Mescal who plays Connell actually attended Trinity College himself to study a Bachelors in Acting.


Normal People filming: Italy

Fans of the show will know that Connell, Marianne and co. head to Trieste in Italy to visit a villa belonging to Marianne’s relative. The filming location, however, was slightly different. 

Trieste in Italy also features in the show

The cast and crew headed to a villa named Il Casale Tenuta Verzano which is located in the countryside about 35 minutes from the capital Rome. If you like the look of the villa, find out how you can visit (once lockdown is over of course) here.

Normal People filming: Sweden

During Marianne’s university study, she embarks on an Erasmus trip to Sweden where she meets and begins relationship with a photographer. Those scenes, however, were not all shot on location. Some shots in Dublin were filmed to replicate part of Marianne’s trip, while other scenes were filmed on location in Luleå, north Sweden. 

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