Whitney Houston fans rip goddaughter Brandi Boyd for claiming to know about late star's early life as she appears in doc

WHITNEY Houston fans slammed goddaughter Brandi Boyd for claiming to know about the late singer's early life as the actress made an appearance on her documentary.

The iconic star's doc, Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t We Almost Have It All, premiered on Lifetime on Saturday night.

While Whitney only had one child, daughter Bobbi with Bobby Brown, she did have god children, one being Brandi.

However, viewers were a bit thrown off by Brandi, who appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, as she shared personal moments of Whitney even though she was just a child when they occurred.

People took to Twitter to quickly respond as one person said: "I don't believe nothing Brandi Boyd is saying in this documentary…"

Another added: "How is Brandi up here talking about her early life, when she's at least 20 years younger?"

Fans weren't done there as one person chimed in: "I get that Brandi's her goddaughter, but how she know all this stuff that happened when she was just a kid around the time?"

A fourth added: "Why is Brandi from love and hiphop telling this story? Wasn't she a child during this time?"

Some viewers were also put off by the 36-year-old's appearance, as one person wrote: "I'm sorry but Brandi shouldn't be on this."

Another commenter claimed: "Brandi Boyd's chaotic energy is detriment to this documentary."

Brandi happens to be an executive producer on this doc, a project she started working on in 2018.

She previously told TheGrio: "I’m proud to be one of the executive producers because we don’t hear the positivity and the light and all the greatness and the bonds that they shared, her and her beautiful daughter together.

“We just hear a bunch of negativity on replay and I knew at the right time it would be an opportunity to be able to tell their story that the positive side with the truth.”

She added: "My godmother, I want to say that she gave me strength. She always taught me and I love everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, whatever religion we don’t judge. We love all…"

The new doc showed the struggles that Whitney and Bobbi went through as they were under the spotlight, and soon found themselves turning to drugs and alcohol for relief.

Whitney was just 48 when she passed away in 2012 after she accidentally drowned. However, cocaine was said to be a contributing factor.

Three years later, Bobbi would die at the age of 22 due to lobar pneumonia resulting from a "drug intoxication."

A biopic, all about Whitney, titled I Wanna Dance with Somebody is set for release on Thanksgiving 2022 according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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