Why 90 Day Fiance’s Brittany Banks Thinks Yazan Isn’t Her Soulmate

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abu Hurira ended their 90 Day Fiance experience on good terms. Brittany left Jordan for the United States and told Yazan she would be applying for a K-1 visa to get him over, In Touch Weekly reported. Their hopefulness left fans thinking they were going to continue fighting to make their long-distance relationship work despite all the drama their romance caused between Yazan and his family. 

Fans watched as Yazan became increasingly at odds with his parents over his relationship with the Florida native. Though they demanded the couple to get married, Brittany continued to stall the process due to her still being legally married to her ex. In addition, she was an American woman and an aspiring rapper who enjoyed uploading twerk videos and sexy pics on social media. This rubbed Yazan’s parents the wrong way and resulted in them throwing their son out of their house. To make matters worse, Yazan had his life threatened by his father over his continued relationship with Brittany against their wishes. With all the melee their romance caused, fans were surprised to see them end the show on amicable terms. However, once the cameras stopped rolling, things drastically changed. Read on to find out how this relationship went south.  

Brittany Banks shares her definition of a "soulmate"

After the 90 Day Fiance season finale aired, Yazan Abu Hurira confirmed that he had a new girlfriend who wasn’t Brittany Banks, as noted by Showbiz Cheat Sheet. He followed up the claims by identifying his new girlfriend in a photo tag on Instagram, Screen Rant reported.  

In December 2020, Brittany took to her Instagram Story to post a series of messages that seemingly shaded her Jordanian ex. She first shared a post inspired by a superstar couple: Ciara and Russel Wilson. “Ciara be shaking her a** freely and her husband be tweeting about God and openly loving on her. Ladies do wtf you want. Your soulmate gonna love you for that,” the post captured by Screen Rant read. 

The TLC star sent out another post that touched on the topic of soulmates. “A soulmate is not someone who is there to complete you, but a soulmate is someone who, when you’re with them, you can be completely yourself,” it states. Her final jab at her ex was a message that called out men who think women are “out to get the money that they don’t have.” The posts come as Yazan continues to tease his newest American love interest. 

While the posts may be sad to see for fans of this couple, it sounds like Brittany and Yazan were just not meant to be. 

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