Will kills young boy in shocking Casualty twist

Will (Jack Nolan) found himself in an impossible situation in tonight’s Casualty, one that could affect the rest of his life.

The doctor was surprised to come face to face with a patient called Toby Williams (Harry Gilby), who previously asked Will to help end his life if his terminal condition got too much for him.

Will had agreed, hoping that the day wouldn’t come any time soon, but Toby’s condition had rapidly deteriorated and as far as he was concerned, that day had come.

Toby said he didn’t want any further treatment, but Will argued along with his mum Jackie (Kirsty Bushell) that there were other options to try.

Archie argued that Toby shouldn’t have to suffer any longer, and told Will he was just avoiding making a difficult decision.

Torn and under pressure to do what he perceived to be the right thing, Will finally made his decision, and tampered with Toby’s drip. Toby later passed away in emotional scenes.

But now that Will has actually intentionally killed a patient, what will happen to him now? Could he lose his new job in the ED, having been given the role of consultant by Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing)?

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