Will Mel Owen kill Jack Branning in EastEnders and what will happen to Hunter?

So will Mel kill Jack? And what’s going to happen to Hunter? Here’s what we know…

Will Mel Owen kill Jack Branning in EastEnders?

Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) was furious that Jack Branning set her and son Hunter up in EastEnders.

She’d confessed to him that Hunter had shot Ray Kelly while trying to protect her and that they’d buried his body in the woods.

After the body was unearthed on February 11 2019, Mel decided she and Hunter needed to leave the country so her son could escape getting sent down for murder.

She begged Jack for help fleeing the UK but he betrayed her and, instead of driving her and Hunter to safety, he led them to the police saying it was for their own good.

When Hunter was taken away by the police, Mel was furious and threatened Jack.

Later, when Hunter revealed he’d been arrested and that Mel couldn’t see him, she went to Jack’s house to confront him.

He wasn’t there and his brother Max Branning told Mel he was trying to sort things out for her.

But Mel believed Jack had stitched her up in revenge for her dumping him for Ray last year.

She told Max that if Jack didn’t get Hunter out of prison, she would kill him.

And she looked like she meant it.

What will happen to Hunter in EastEnders?

Nothing has been confirmed about Hunter’s fate but we know that actor Charlie Winter has left the soap and has already filmed his final scenes.

It’s likely that Hunter will get a custodial sentence unless the cops believe that it was self-defence.

But Hunter has displayed some worrying behaviour – digging up the body, holding onto the murder weapon and generally showing little remorse about the murder.

It’s possible he will be assessed as mentally unstable and sent to a secure hospital.

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