Woman who breastfeeds her nine-year-old slammed for ‘attachment issues’

A woman who breastfeeds her nine-year-old daughter was slammed for her actions despite her insisting all other mums she knows are "fine" with it.

Sharon Spink, a mum-of-four from Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire, said her youngest daughter, Charlotte, is "the most independent little girl I know" despite "choosing" to continue her breastfeeding until she turned nine.

According to the mother, her daughter has chosen to stop by not asking for a feed for around two months, but fans and Sharon’s companion on the This Morning sofa, Rachel Halliwell, were not impressed, saying Sharon is doing it for her own bonding reasons.

Rachel said: "I breastfed all of my daughters until they were one, and my youngest when she as at her second birthday…

"I had to stop and think, ‘Why am I still feeding her?’ Because she can eat with a knife and fork, she can drink with a cup, so I had to think, ‘She’s my youngest, maybe I’m trying to keep her a baby and hold on to that.’

"So it felt right at that point to stop."

But for Sharon, she said it was all her daughter’s choice, so she was able to continue to produce milk in a "supply and demand" situation.

She said: "There’s nothing in breastmilk that changes – it actually just improves and gears itself to that child.

"I don’t refuse but I don’t offer, it’s all her choice. She will just come up to me, she would just come and sit and have a cuddle on my knee…

"If she comes and asks me tomorrow then that’s fine, but nature tends to take over once they get their full set of adult teeth, their jaw shape changes, so Mother Nature is saying, ‘They don’t need to breastfeed anymore.’"

But fans were not impressed at home, with many calling her out for her actions.

One said: "Breastfeeding a NINE year old is not comforting… it’s disgusting and that poor kid will now be buillied, if she’s not already # thismorning"

Another said: "Breastfeeding a nine year old child is inappropriate # ThisMorning"

A third added: "Breastfeeding At nine is absolutely ridiculous.. woman obviously has her own attachment issues # ThisMorning"

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