Yellowstone: Will Beth Dutton run the ranch? Kelly Reilly drops clue hinting fate

Yellowstone: Rip and Beth dance together on the ranch

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Yellowstone

Yellowstone season four is in the making and viewers have been discussing the characters’ futures on the Paramount Network series.

At the end of the third season, an explosive was sent to Beth Dutton’s (played by Kelly Reilly) office and she was presumed dead, or seriously injured.

The actress has since opened up about what could be in store for her character in future seasons.

Will Beth Dutton run the ranch?

In Yellowstone, Beth Dutton is the devoted daughter of John Dutton, who runs the Dutton Ranch.

Beth never wanted to be a part of the legacy, but her main priority was protecting her father and so she stayed by his side.

She is known to be one of the feistiest characters in the series, having stood up to her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) and many other enemies.

Beth has formed a strong connection with ranch hand Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and fans have loved seeing their relationship blossom.

They were shocked to see Beth targeted by an anonymous assassin at the end of season three, and a question remains over whether she will live to see Rip again.

Reilly has since discussed her character’s fate in an interview, and the positive news is Beth seems to be alive – and she has an important role to play.

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The star was asked whether her character would run the ranch in the future, as her father John has been looking for someone to take over.

She said: “I like that, I like your thinking. I feel the same way, I mean she clearly is the one that’s capable. But her father thinks she can’t be involved in some of the dirty stuff.

“Really he has no idea what she is doing. In season three it’s almost like, are you kidding me? What she has to do in order to help save the thing she would like to burn to the ground.

“What was really interesting ins season three, for me to play Beth, was all these characters struggle with identity. So, what is their relationship with themselves, with each other and then this land?

“I think the more beth stays there she starts to ave this more metaphysical wondering which is not expected of her. It’s almost as if she’s starting to tap into something.”

With this in mind, there is a chance Beth could learn to love the ranch and will agree to step in as the leader once her father’s time is up.

Plenty of fans have been wondering who will take over the ranch in order to keep it away from the hands of developers.

Some other names mentioned include Kayce Dutton’s (Luke Grimes) son Tate (Brecken Merrill) and Rip Wheeler.

Beth’s name is also on the cards as she continues to prove herself as a strong and independent character.

Fans have supported Beth following the tragic incident between herself and her brother Jamie, which meant she was unable to have children. Jamie had agreed for her to be sterilised at an abortion clinic, behind her back.

Reilly said the siblings definitely have a love for each other, otherwise they would not invest so much time in each other.

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She said the hate Beth has for Jamie is on many levels, and the fact they fall out over the death of their mother only just scratches the surface.

Reilly explained how the real reason for her anger is due to the tragedy Jamie put her through as a teenager, and she can never forgive him.

Speaking about some of the more overarching themes in the series, she said it was mostly about “the love of the land” and the fascination with Native American culture.

In the interview with JoBlo Celebrity Interviews, she said: “This broken family, this dying family – the land will hopefully be there forever but we won’t.”

Reilly quoted one of John Dutton’s lines from season one, where he says: “This is America – we don’t share land”, and it is a line which has resonated with many fans.

Beth taking over the ranch would be a huge twist as fans have already recognised how she wants nothing to do with the land.

They have taken to Reddit to discuss Beth’s involvement, with one fan saying: “Beth doesn’t want it, and John knows once he’s gone, she can’t really be trusted to protect it anymore since she does everything for him.

“And it goes to Kayce because he’s John’s favorite [sic], he’s got a love for the land and the lifestyle, and Kayce has also given John the next generation of the Dutton’s in Tate.”

When one fan asked why Beth was not a beneficiary for the ranch trust, another replied: “Beth has no interest in the ranch itself and knows that Kayce genuinely does care about the place so maybe that’s why?

“She also deals with money in her day to day so it’s unlikely she needs any of it, especially since she’d gone to such lengths to kinda distance herself from it but at the end of the day we may never know. Maybe they’ll touch on it this year! [sic].”

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