Adelaide Pizza worker ‘extremely remorseful and deeply sorry’ for actions

The Adelaide Woodville Pizza Bar employee at the centre of a police investigation accused of lying to contact tracers said he is "extremely remorseful and deeply sorry" for his actions.

In a statement issued on behalf of his client, solicitor Scott Jelbert said the 36-year-old Spanish man was in quarantine and feared his personal details would be made public.

Authorities originally thought the man in question had contracted the virus after buying a pizza from the shop, sparking fears the Parafield coronavirus cluster was the result of a possible "super strain" being transmitted through food packaging.

“He did not foresee or intend that things might unfold as they have,” the worker’s lawyer said in a statement.Credit:Getty Images

Instead, the man had worked shifts at the pizza bar where he was infected while working alongside a security guard who had contracted the virus at the Peppers Waymouth quarantine hotel in Adelaide's CBD. The Spanish man also worked as a kitchen hand at another quarantine hotel, the Stamford Hotel.

"He is extremely remorseful and deeply sorry for any part his conduct played in any unnecessary lock-down actions. He did not foresee or intend that things might unfold as they have," Mr Jelbert said in a statement on behalf of his client on Tuesday.

"Since entering quarantine he has had limited information about government media releases, public opinion and social media.

"I am however instructed that some information is not fair, accurate or complete notwithstanding the state government’s comments, and he is concerned he has been all but publicly named.

"My client’s current focus is on cooperating with the authorities and completing quarantine. He is sincerely concerned about the impact of the lock-down on South Australians.

"My client has not been charged with any breach of the law but in the circumstances, including that such charges may emerge, no further comment about those matters is appropriate at this time."

Last week, SA Police formed a special taskforce to investigate the circumstances around the man who provided false information to contact tracers and triggered a six-day hard lockdown.

The hard lockdown ended on Saturday night, three days earlier than originally planned.

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