America Together: Nashville man fulfills dream of owning custom suit

America Together: Uplifting images of Americans pulling together during coronavirus pandemic

Every day and in every community, the coronavirus pandemic is bringing out the best in Americans. Take a look at some inspiring images of Americans pulling together in a time of crisis.

Stephen Richards, Jr. is a bespoke clothier in Nashville whose clients include quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But what is warming his heart the most these days is helping a local man get his first custom suit.

“Being 48[-inch] tall and having a 42[-inch] chest, there is literally no where he can buy a suit that remotely fits,” Richards wrote on his social media about Jon.


Jon, who works part-time at Kroger, has dreamed for a few years to get a special suit, and saved up money for a year to get the suit from one of the most-respected men’s fashion brands in Tennessee.

“Jon came in to pick up his suit and his reaction was one I’ll never forget. This is why I do what I do,” Richards wrote.

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