Australian woman ‘traumatised’ after machete attack on Bali beach

Bali: A man who allegedly attacked an Australian woman with a machete during a violent bag snatching incident in Bali has been paraded in front of media on the popular holiday island.

The woman, who asked for her identity to be concealed, needed surgery for deep wounds to her shoulder, arm and both hands. Some of the gashes defence wounds from fighting back. She's now out of hospital.

The 40-year-old's alleged attacker was limping during his appearance on Wednesday after he was shot by police while allegedly trying to escape arrest.

Investigators say the woman, who was born in Barcelona but holds an Australian passport, was standing by her motorbike in an Uluwatu beach carpark about 7.30pm on November 21 when she was parked in by Arjuna Wiranata.

A Spanish-Australian woman is treated after being attacked by a machete-wielding thief near a Bali beach.

A "tug of war" allegedly broke out when the 25-year-old Indonesian tried to grab the woman's bag, before she was slashed with his machete.

The accused, a farmer from West Nusa Tenggara, told police he needed money for a hospital bill incurred from the birth of his child.

A friend of the woman – who's said to be traumatised – posted about the ordeal on social media at the time.

"She spent the afternoon with friends on the beach," David Iglesias Megias wrote.

"She left and went back to the parking area to take the motorbike with another girl when an Indonesian man carrying a machete approached them by motorbike.

"He tried to pull her handbag but it was tied to the mirror and he couldn't take it easily, then he took the knife and stabbed her six times.

"He finally took the handbag and ran away leaving the knife and his sandals."She is badly injured and the wounds are really deep."

Wiranata faces up to nine years behind bars.

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