Bikini models’ photo shoot gatecrashed by kangaroo who chased them in mansion

Footage has captured the hilarious moment bikini models were chased by a wild kangaroo as they posed for a photo shoot.

The bikini-clad women were left "screaming" while fleeing from the hopping marsupial in Travers 'Candyman' Benyon's Candy Shop Mansion in Queensland, Australia, during a photo shoot.

CCTV, uploaded by the mansion's Instagram account, appears to show the models run along the yard towards a patio before the kangaroo appears in shot.

In a bid to escape from the rogue animal, one of the women jumps into a pool – before another model frantically climbs over a glass barrier onto the patio.

Meanwhile, the kangaroo is seen running in the yard.

The rest of the women are then shown to have opened the glass barrier to escape to safety.

The models then appear to calm down after the kangaroo left the Helensvale home.

It is unclear where it went after leaving the property.

In an interview after the footage was released, Mr Benyon  – who is considered the land Down Under's answer to Hugh Hefner – told the Gold Coast Bulletin he thought the girls were 'exaggerating'.

He said: "Vanesa was screaming 'RUN! RUN RUN!' like a horror movie."

The 47-year-old added that the indigenous mammal gatecrashed the property when it was chased by the family's dog, Sparti.

"The kangaroo then stopped and decided it was time to change form flight to flight.

"The roo stopped, got up on its tail and began to chase after Sparti and Vanesa," said Mr Benyon.

He admitted that one of the girls – who climbed the glass barrier – grazed her stomach and injured her ankle, but said the incident was a humorous one.

He said: "The girls were shaken, but also laughing as nobody was seriously injured."

Travers, who openly promotes his polyamorous relationship , has had a long history of hosting lavish parties the mansion.

The tobacco tycoon describes himself as "a cross between The Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark, with a taste for Versace, who can easily turn into a Willy Wonka character".

Speaking to Mirror Online, he previously said: "I want to make people say 'what the f**k just happened?' And 'what the f***k is Travers going to do next?"

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