Boris Johnson axes top aide over ‘Princess Nut Nuts’ insult

Don’t expect to call the boss’ girlfriend “Princess Nut Nuts” and not get fired.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered top aide Dominic Cummings to resign immediately after he learned Cummings’ team had made fun of his fiancee in text messages, the Sun reported.

Johnson and Carrie Symonds have a son, Wilfred, who was born in April. They’re the first unmarried couple to live at No. 10 Downing Street and to have a baby there.

Cummings had already been headed for the door, upset that Symonds had blocked a promotion for his Brexit buddy, communications director Lee Cain, the Guardian reported. Cain quit after the Symonds’ move.

Johnson confronted Cummings late Friday in a closed-door showdown that covered the two’s laundry list of rows, from the back-stabbing texts that referred to Symonds as “Princess Nut Nuts” to the UK’s second coronavirus lockdown to an assortment of leaks allegedly by Cummings and Cain, the Sun reported.

Members of Parliament, from both the Conservative and Labour parties, hailed the departures, according to the Guardian. Lawmakers had blamed Cummings and Cain for a macho culture and a string of PR flubs that dogged Johnson’s premiership.

Sir Bernard Jenkin, who heads the Commons liaison committee, which oversees everything from government finances to public appointments, thinks Johnson now has a chance to restore “respect, integrity and trust” between himself and Tories like himself.

“It’s an opportunity to reset how the government operates and to emphasize some values about what we want to project as a Conservative party in government,” he told the Guardian.

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