Boxing coach who ignored lockdown issues warning after catching Covid

Boxing coach, 47, rushed into intensive care with Covid after ignoring first lockdown warns others to follow the rules in harrowing hospital bed video

  • Michael Allen shared a picture from his hospital bed as he fights Covid in Wirral
  • The boxing coach, from Wallasey, admitted that he didn’t follow lockdown rules
  • Mr Allen thought he was ‘dying’ after coming down with the killer virus last week

A boxing coach rushed into intensive care with Covid-19 after ignoring lockdown has warned others to follow the rules in a harrowing video from his hospital bed. 

Michael Allen said he thought he was ‘invincible,’ before coming down with the virus, which has killed more than 80,000 people in the UK.

After catching the virus himself last week, the trainer said he felt like he was ‘dying,’ as he was left ‘coughing up white and yellow thick poison’.

His message came as Britain recorded the deadliest week of the pandemic so far.  

Michael Allen, 47, said he felt like he was ‘dying,’ after catching Covid-19. Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday (pictured) the boxing coach warned others to follow the rules after admitting he had ignored lockdown guidance

Filming himself in bed at Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead, Wirral, yesterday, Mr Allen’s chest can be seen rising and falling rapidly as the ventilator fights to keep his lung capacity high. 

Sharing the footage, the 47-year-old wrote: ‘This is a very very humble status on how I behaved from March lockdown 2020.

‘I didn’t lock down myself because I couldn’t see the damage Covid-19 was doing with my own eyes.

‘I thought I was invincible and unbeatable until it got me.’

Mr Allen was rushed to Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead after testing positive for Covid-19 last Friday. He told followers he was left in ‘agony,’ as he fought the disease 

After falling ill last week, the keen boxer tested positive for coronavirus last Friday. 

He added, ‘ I was so ill at this point, I’m in bed, strong word – dying. 

‘I couldn’t speak, ankles were sore, my back was sore, my wrists were sore, my stomach was ripping, ribs were in agony, my head was booming.

‘I couldn’t talk because my lungs were so low I was coughing up white and yellow thick poison.’

Hours later Mr Allen was rushed into intensive care and placed on a ventilator.

He said: ‘I’ve been through a lot to get my lungs working. I think they were 30% yesterday.

‘I’ll be getting out of here as soon as I’m better.’

He finished his post with a stark statement, saying: ‘It’s a killer this. Only the strong survive. This is a warning.’

Mr Allen’s warning came after Britain endured its deadliest week in the pandemic so far.  

Describing his Covid symptoms, Mr Allen said he had pain in his back, ankles, wrists, stomach, ribs and head, while he was also left unable to speak as he battled the virus 

The seven-day average has soared above recorded levels in the first lockdown.

Yesterday it was announced a further 529 Britons have died after testing positive for Covid as the country’s daily death toll soars by nearly a third in just one week. 

The figure puts the average daily deaths over last week at a grim 931 – just days after the UK hit 80,000 total fatalities since the pandemic began. 

A further 46,169 people tested positive for the virus yesterday – down 20 per cent in a week. 

Friends and family have wished Mr Allen well in his fight against the virus, as he remains on a ventilator at Arrowe Park Hospital

Since sharing his post, Michael has been inundated with comments wishing him well. 

Lauren Leneghan said: ‘Sending my love Mick, I hope you’re feeling better soon. The comeback is always greater than the setback, you’ll get through it in no time!’

Hasan Alsaigh commented: ‘I hope you have a speedy recovery. May God be with you.’

And Darren Buckley posted: ‘Get well soon mate. I got it 2nd of October, it was shocking. Takes a while but you will get back to normal. Keep strong buddy.’

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