Brit DJ Gavin Ford filmed video with two Syrian suspects before murder as gruesome crime scene pics are leaked online

Gavin Ford, 53, was found battered to death with his hands and feet tied up in his apartment outside the capital Beirut and in the wake of his death gruesome pictures of his body were posted online.

A video he posted on social media on Monday – with two of his alleged killers sitting on a sofa in the background – emerged after the popular radio presenter’s death.

He was found dead the next day and four men have now been arrested in connection, including the two seen in the video.

The pair in the video are reportedly Syrians and were detained in the lawless Bekaa Valley region of Lebanon, about ten hours after the murder.

In the video Gavin can he heard saying “cheers for the message, yeah I’m looking 53, bloody awful”.

He then points the camera at the two men sitting on the sofa and says “say hi everyone” and both then wave back.

Gavin said he was going to an Indian restaurant, where he celebrated his birthday on Monday with around ten friends and colleagues.

After he failed to turn up for work to present his show at 7am on Tuesday morning, concerned colleagues at the Radio One station called his phone but got no reply.

Police then went to the apartment in the village of Broummana, where he was found with a piece of cloth around his neck, having been choked to death, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported.

Soon after news of his death emerged, graphic pictures circulated on social media showing his bloodied body and his head with an injury from a direct blow.

Friend Gino Raidy wrote on his blog that “rumors and disrespectful posts” circulated on social media in Lebanon.

State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud has now ordered a hunt to find those responsible for leaking the graphic photos of Gavin’s body.

The DJ’s wallet was stolen and police later discovered his BMW car near Souk al-Ahad just before midnight Tuesday

The police source said it was unclear whether Ford’s murder had taken place on Tuesday or before.

Following confirmation that Ford had died, various politicians and Radio One expressed sadness and shock.

Gloucestershire-born Gavin spent three years a DJ on the pirate radio station Radio Caroline and then worked in Cyprus before moving to Lebanon at the invitation of a journalist friend in 1995.

His long running breakfast show was one of the most widely listened to in Lebanon and his death has led to an outpouring of emotional tributes from fans.

Paying tribute, his brother-in-law Nick Beardsley, 55, said: “He's touched thousands and thousands of people.”

Olga Habre, Ford’s co-host for six and a half years, described her friend and colleague as "hard working and passionate" who "loved what he did".

“He was an extrovert on the show but off air he was timid, soft and very sweet. We are all devastated at the radio station.”

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